Bike project done – but not finished.


Bike project

bike7 bike4 bike6The “awesome bike project” turned out a little different than I had initially imagined – that’s okay – this is art class, we go with the flow :)

After building pretty sweet bikes from cardboard rings, pipe cleaners, and candy sticks – (see post) we attached the bikes to heavy boards and painted a background.  Of course it makes sense to do the gluing AFTER the scenery is complete – but do to the logistics of this class I did the gluing ahead of time.

(plus the glue was too powerful to use in our very enclosed classroom)

It still worked out, so all is well.  bike10 bike11Little update: Today I had to take the new pup, Margo to the vet.


Margo, the new pup, at the vets. :)

While waiting I spotted this fabulous sculpture –

Now THIS is what I wanted to do with the bike sculptures – sigh – so stinking cute.

cat and dog on bike

next time, next time…..

intoxicating emotional cocktail

After so many sadness-laden posts, I have some fun news. Me and my little birdie sculptures will be part of the upcoming Girls! Girls! Girls! art show in Cleveland. 
This will be my first show in a very long time and i am completely freaked out and stoked at the same time.
I’ve been lacking this familiar emotional cocktail.
Mojo Margarita
2 oz fear
1 oz excitement
1/2 oz melodrama
1/2 passion
shake all ingredients over ice-cold determination,
strain the pure feelings into a glass rimmed with salty tears
garnish with a sliver of hysteria

Cecilia, the ballerina bird, will be making her debut, along with Marlo, Oksana and a few other characters.
Made from old dictionary pages, these birdies make me happy…and hopefully they will make others smile a little too.