Bike project done – but not finished.


Bike project

bike7 bike4 bike6The “awesome bike project” turned out a little different than I had initially imagined – that’s okay – this is art class, we go with the flow :)

After building pretty sweet bikes from cardboard rings, pipe cleaners, and candy sticks – (see post) we attached the bikes to heavy boards and painted a background.  Of course it makes sense to do the gluing AFTER the scenery is complete – but do to the logistics of this class I did the gluing ahead of time.

(plus the glue was too powerful to use in our very enclosed classroom)

It still worked out, so all is well.  bike10 bike11Little update: Today I had to take the new pup, Margo to the vet.


Margo, the new pup, at the vets. :)

While waiting I spotted this fabulous sculpture –

Now THIS is what I wanted to do with the bike sculptures – sigh – so stinking cute.

cat and dog on bike

next time, next time…..

Party in room 208

BlogFEST 2012 kicks off today with the prompt – Party – Jenn from Wine-n-Chat asks the question,  “Are you the life of the party, or the one sitting back being entertained?”
My answer falls somewhere in between – I love throwing parties. And, teaching art feels like I am throwing a party every time I walk in the classroom.

* I plan out  fun projects

*  Welcome kids with enthusiasm

* Pass out supplies

* Excitedly introduce project

* ….and have FUN playing with the art supplies along with the kids

* sometimes I even bring “party favors” like these wrapped erasers, or a take-home project just because.


There is a technical art teacher in my school – that is not me. She is meticulous and organized…structured and all those other foreign concepts – I am a lot more free form in my approach.

Last year my classes were called “Creativity Explosion!!!”

… this year,  they are simply “Art Exploration” – because I promised the powers that be there will not be any explosions this year :)

My biggest class consists of nearly 30 – first and second year olds. They are wild and loud and I love it.  – I am not wild or loud normally,  but noise does not bother me…noise, mess, chaos – as long as I see smiles, all is well.  It is party time in my classroom and the kids know it.

This does not mean we do not accomplish anything though – our loudest project this year was fun and complete in one 50 minute class.

I read Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch and then demonstrated the proper bag smashing technique so we could make

Fall trees.

Supplies include paper bags, scissors, scrap paper, glue sticks
Normally, the directions call for paper lunch sacks, but I say, Go BIG or go home – so I ran into Aldi’s and bought 40 paper grocery bags.

  1. Directions:
    1. STOMP – We stomped and smashed the bags until they were soft and pliable.
    2. REACH – Then I had the class watch as I reached in the sack and grabbed the bottom to turn it inside out (without ripping it) Some of the smaller kids needed help, but overall this worked well.
    4. CUT and SMASH – Then we made two cut from then open end of the bag to the mid-point, twisted the trunk,
    grabbed on the the middle and SMASHED it against the table – so that it would stand on its own.
    5. CUT and TWIST – Then we made another cut in each large section…twist, twist, twist until they look like branches.
    6. TEAR and GLUE – Finally, the kids tore pieces of construction paper and used a glue stick to attach fall leaves.

Ta da!


Today in art class we made tessellations. 
Cut, trace, repeat. 
I posted a few pictures on the “art rocks” tab of this blog, but it feels appropriate to repeat myself here. 

some kids got right to work – like the girl who quickly scribbled out a page of owls
another carefully cut, taped and traced a page full of chickens

we had cute cats, batman images, fox, rockets, dogs, houses,  faces and….

But one kid stood out – er, actually he just sat…

After explaining the project, this boy just sat there. Not completely unusual, but he wasn’t talking to friends, or being disruptive…. 5…10 minutes into class and he was doing nothing more than looking at his cardstock

then, all of a sudden, snip, snip, snip 

(snip-snip-snip-snip…it was a dragon after all, with spikes and teeth)

Ta Da! dragons

really cool to watch his mind at work
and reminded me of my morning…when I decided all my classes had to go to Plan B
When I woke up and realized school was not cancelled due to the snow storm…
I sat
and stared
Had to come up with something other than my planned projects  (too much to carry down the street in the snow…)   We ended up doing pop art, tessellations, lizards, and cityscapes.  Turned out to be a good plan since so many kids were absent.   Try again next week. 
                          (and I’ll try again tomorrow on my blog – this is alls i gots today :)