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A couple months ago – on a whim – I contacted a gallery….just to see if they were accepting new artistsjust to see if I had what it takes…you know, just checking.  Well, less than 12 hours later I received an email, and then a phone call, and had an appointment – and voila!  Gallery representation!

This is still shocking to me. I KNOW the right way to approach a gallery. I’ve done my research, I have studied the methods of putting together a portfolio – artist statement – resume, blah, blah, blah… in fact, I’ve been there – done that several times before. This time though, I did none of the proper steps.   Afterall, I was simply “checking”

Nope, I whisked off a casual email, attached a few cell phone photos and that’s that.  – ( as an art teacher I do NOT recommend this method of course * ahem, do as I say, not as I do, and all that jazz…)

Art 101

Anywho – I am now represented by a fabulous gallery owner, (who cares about promotion and actually selling art)surrounded by fabulous artworks and BONUS – my little sister shows in the same gallery. what what?  yup, that’s right – and yet, with different last names, absolutely no family resemblance, and art styles as different as oil and water – this was not a factor, or even known at the beginning.

I just love the winding road that brought me back to art – but I do NOT want to miss any of the lessons I learned along the way.  And that’s why I love this story even more. I am in this gallery – back in the art world – without any maneuvering on my part.  God opened the door and I stepped through, plain and simple. There is a plan – I do not know the plan – but I know I am back on track, and that is enough.


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