“The Dot” a smashing sucess!

the dot

The Dot is a picture book written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds about a girl named Vashti who thinks she can’t draw.  But you probably knew that

……..I could possibly be the last art teacher on earth to use this book in class.

Regardless, I read the class this simple book – showed the simple illustrations – handed out supplies and stepped back in awe. Especially over a certain young man who generally refuses to join in. He was passionately creating a dot masterpiece – with no extra instruction or encouragement from the class helpers – he just got to work…. and worked the entire class period.


Making his mark ….seeing where it takes him as the book encourages

The Dot has certainly “made its mark” around the world – translated into several foreign languages, turned into an animated film, there is even a website with project ideas….and a sequel (which I will get to next week)

We had many dots in a pattern…….. dot1

Dots with personality …….dot3

Dots using stencils and other tools…..dot5

  A dot with embellishments….dot7  Collection of dots …..dot10

abstract dots…..dot11

intensely drawn dot…..dot13

   The Dot – signed. dot24



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