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Sylvie Branch
Featured Artist

at the RAW Discovery Tour

I am officially a part of the RAW Artist Showcase!!!!

So so SOOOO excited!!!

RAW is a fascinating collective of artists, independent fashion designers, musicians, dancers, and performers. Shows are held in all the major cities across the country ….. and I have now officially joined the creative madness!

please note: in normal, everyday, real life – I try to avoid multiple exclamation points – but this is a special occasion – HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!

Local readers, please set aside February 28th and buy a ticket – please ~ it’ll be great fun and I would LOVE to see familiar faces ~ $10 gets you into Peabody’s  to see 2 bands, an art show, fashion show, and more…..  (and me)  …. what a deal :)

click here to reserve your ticket