Smitten with this book and project


Thanks to my Story and Art class I found another picture book masterpiece. I love -love LOVE finding picture book treasures to share and Smitten by David Gordon does not disappoint.

“Sock and Mitten are both lost singles in a city full of pairs. Mitten is a left without her right. Sock is neither left nor right, but he knows how she feels. They set off on an adventure to find their other halves. But what they find instead is something much, much better: each other.”

Like a good romantic comedy – this is a truly touching story.

smittenThe book does not completely “go” with the project I had planned – but all bets were off when I ran across this story …so I took a little creative license and just mismatched the lesson with the book – er wait – MISMATCH – perfect. (even if that connection only made sense in my head) …..

We also read One Mitten – this book fits the lesson a little closer…. one mitten

Enough about the books….the art lesson was essentially winter self portraits for little ones.


They were each given crayons, a piece of blue card stock, a half circle for the face and two gloves cut from card stock.

Minimal instructions needed:

Draw a face on the half circle – add a hat (some kids cut hats out of scrap paper)
Color the gloves – I encouraged patterns…..some did, some didn’t

That’s that.


Here are two more examples in-progress. (You can see the influence of the second book with the glove over the eye look) super cute. :)




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