Easy Snow Globes……or how to use GLITTER! with little mess

glitter1 - Copy

Three tiny containers of glitter satisfied the GLITTER!!! needs of 36 kids, and a couple visitors to my class.  (Dollar Store glitter $1 for all three)
How?  How in the world did I not have GLITTER!!! from floor to ceiling?  Me, the art teacher who loves a good mess and has little tolerance for orderly – aka micro managed  -art?

We made snow globes, easy, inexpensive, practically mess-free. (there is always that one child who smears glue on his hands and proceeds to touch his hair, face, neighbors face…..)

SNOW GLOBES: The easy way.

Draw a Christmas scene on circle paper – I found a stack of pre-cut white cardboard circles at my favorite paper supply company (Hollos in Brunswick, if you happen to be a local reader)  $.02 each
glitter5 - Copy  Encourage the kids to use the WHOLE circle to draw their picture. (part of the bottom will be hidden)

Now, walk the kids to the “GLITTER station”

I mixed regular white glue with glitter and had the kids paint directly over their pictures. glitter2 - Copy

glitter3 - Copy

HOT water gets the paintbrushes clean licky split :)

glitter4 - Copy

Each piece was as unique as the child

glitter1 - Copy

One little girl insisted on cutting her circle down to make a tiny globe – turned out cute :)

The base of the snow globes are simply little cardboard cups. Before class I used a long serrated knife to cut a slit through the bottom. (approximately across the center of the cup)  (Bag of 50 cardboard cups = $2.25)

Our inexpensive circles had an “easy to color on” side and a “not easy to color on” side …. so we only used one side to draw on, but you could just as easily use both.


I did walk out of class with a piece of glitter stuck right under my eye – as many people pointed out….~pshaw, it’s festive :)  Tis the season for GLITTER!!!!