If I ruled the world….

ART education and exploration would be mandatory


The BlogFEST prompt of the day comes from Jo over at My Wandering Mind.
She wanted to know what we would do if given the chance to rule the world.  Thanks for asking,
I would make it a mandatory part of every child’s (and adult’s) life to create. 

Now, before you say – ugh, but not everyone is creative. Baloney. I could just as easily argue that not
everyone is built for figuring out complex (or not so complex) math problems – but that part of education
would NEVER be dropped due to lack of funding, interest, or room.

Training in creativity – and simply allowing a child to explore art materials, theater, dance, music… – can lead to success in so many more areas.

  • Art cuts across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers…
  • Builds independence, confidence, collaboration …
  • Abstraction helps make personal thoughts a concrete reality
  • AND  working in the arts improves academic achievement test scores, attitudes towards education, social skills, critical and creative thinking, develops higher order thinking skills, evaluation, problem-solving, synthesis and analysis…..

If I am ruling the world and all – passing out glitter and paint brushes, I would also make tutus and tiaras completely natural everyday apparel for girls of ALL ages.

Glam Runner may have beat me to this idea – but that’s okay, I will need a lot of creative people on board if I am to stay focused on the nitty gritty of ruling the world and all.


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