Cats, cats, and more cats

“How do you feel about cats, black cats, and superstitions?” asks Kelly of the Monkey Heart Discourses.

Let me get back to you on that Kelly.
First, I want to talk about Miss Frizzle. Remember her?   I am not much of a scientist, but loved her adventurous spirit….and have adopted her mantra for my art classes,  “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” 

She didn’t say this, but I like to add, “Made a mistake?  Good that means you are trying.”  Kids can become quite discouraged  if their projects do not come out as expected the first time.


How does this in anyway shape or form connect to the BlogFEST prompt of the day?

See the nail art?  That’s how.

I’ll explain. Part of the allure of Miss Frizzle was her penchant for dressing the part. If the class was gearing up to study rainbows, she would come in in a rainbow dress, if they were going to explore space, she wore planets and stars. As an art teacher, I suppose I could get away with a little bit of her fashion wackiness, but I am subtle -and basically shy.

Painting a clue to the project of the day though is a fun way to introduce the concept… far I have been confined to simple geometric shapes, stripes, and colors….but silhouettes will be a great time to break out the black cats.  The kids like to guess what we are doing by looking at my nails in the hall. :)

But am I superstitious about black cats?  naw.

Black cats are sleek and gorgeous and can be the muse for a wide range of projects.
As far as art projects go – working with one ‘color’ is a nice relaxing change.

Try watercolor splotches with ears, eyes and whiskers…










Cut out black silhouettes of a black cat over a collaged scene… This is a fabulous project – I will be posting pics once the kids finish.









Or, if you want a more technical drawing lesson for the younger set, this handy image is from Art Projects for Kids.


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