“I’ve been waiting for you”

One of my long time dreams is to teach art. – Wait, you say, you are already doing that aren’t you?  Well, yes. I do teach in a school – but my big dream is to have my own building where I can hold classes, big messy classes for kids and adults who cannot afford the luxury of art.

I used to search for the best location,ugly inner city being my main focus, but anywhere there are people is fine. I  found old abandoned schools, churches, store fronts … there was a building I was “this” close to putting a bid on, but rats were found….then another great little building that was TORN down to make way for a stupid Sheetz gas station- across the street from two other gas stations… there was a large barn I considered remodeling, then I moved.  I had been stalking, touring, and plotting how I could pull it off.

Then. Life hit.

Life hit hard.

I recoiled from the pain and stopped dreaming about having my own art center.  In fact, it seems quite impossible now due to some unfortunate repercussions from the hit.

But, I was talking to my daughter on the phone today – she is several states away and I haven’t seen her for months – she mentioned my dream and it hit me –  dreams sometimes take on a life of their own. They grow and change and become real bit by bit. If I would have had my dream when I first started imagining it…..hmmm.

Okay, so the answer to the days prompt for the Blogfest 2012 is NO. I am not living my dream, but I am watching it grow. Preparing in ways I never realized would be necessary, but I am excited to report, the dream is not dead….it is just seems to be of the slow growing variety – it is hanging out in the incubator – and life has been supplying a steady dose of nutrition without my knowledge.


Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie Cecilia Ahern, Sea of Roses

Sorry, Cecilia – I disagree.  I don’t want to settle, but I am willing to wait as I rekindle my ability to dream, expect the unexpected, believe in magic and rebuild my innocence.  One day my dream will say, “Ah, hello there, I have been waiting for you.”   because actually, the dream is fully grown – I am the one hanging out in the incubator.


2 thoughts on ““I’ve been waiting for you”

  1. I believe that dreams take time to build. Some dreams build more quickly than others. Some dreams are meant to be achieved other dreams are meant to be there as an inspiration. I believe in enjoying the journey that leads to the manifestation of the dream. I realize that some dreams are easier to achieve than others–but I keep on dreaming. :)

    Wonderful post–keep building–keep making steps–you just may see that dream materialize yet!! Cheers, Jenn.

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