Chill, I got this

Stuart is the BlogFEST host of the day, his post “What if you could take charge of your life” is brilliant….and now, here is mine…

In Charge? 

When I put my teacher hat on, I am in charge REGARDLESS of what it may look like to a casual observer.  (teacher assistant, hall monitor, class across the hall…)

My classes are often appear chaotic to those used to lecturing teachers, or those who plan projects that can be completed by trained monkeys…

I have a very GOOD REASON for allowing moving about and laughter – namely creativity likes to sneak in the backdoor. Of course there is time for focused activity – but at the beginning, when I am brainstorming with tiny children – there will be commotion.

It’s okay though, I got this.

“I love chaos…it’s the poetic element in a dull and ordered world.”
~Ben Shahn

the painted faces? …yeah, um all a part of the creative process :)



7 thoughts on “Chill, I got this

  1. So what’s to add here? Bravo!
    I love chaos in art…isn’t that almost the definition of art?

    Well, it is in my mind.

  2. THe chaos theory ( it is actually a real business approach) argues that if one lets things find their own way, great things will emerge. Well, it seems that great things are emerging from this blog. Love the squirrel. I need one of him to help me sort out my ‘stuff’. :-)

  3. I bet the kids love you! It sounds like your classes are fun and productive. Great post for BlogFEST (Sorry, I’m not sure how to get my other blog to link to my name on a WordPress blog).

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