Make a wish

  Day 3 of the BlogFEST and I am up to bat.  This is the prompt of the day…MAKE A WISH

Everyone has a select skill set. Some are wired to be organized, others are inherently messy… of course there are

plenty of skills and talents you can work towards – and with practice you may even master. But what if you could simply

skip all that and just DO something, and do it well.  Yes, I am asking you to MAKE A WISH.  What talent would you wish for?


I have had the opportunity to pursue a lot of different art – talent or no talent I tend to just jump in to things. I’ve shown in art galleries, sold commission pieces, painted giant murals in homes and businesses,  worked as an apprentice under a sculptor artist (which meant welding giant sheets of metal together with huge industrial welding equipment and doing all sorts of sanding, buffing and painting), I have  planned, set up, and held several art shows with other artists.

I am creative and have also taught art for several years now… and I say all that to back up this wish.

Realism. I really wish I could paint like my sister, like a few of my uber talented students even.

Recently there was a “documentary” of sorts made about my ridiculously talented sister – she is keeping it private though or I would share it here.
It is about her and the donors who stepped up to help fund her expensive private college experience – since my parents have been out of work throughout her high school, and now college years.  Thanks to her talent, she was noticed, and has been able to work towards her double major – fine art and psychology – art therapy is a definite back-up, but everyone is telling her to keep going with art, it is just that good.

Now of course there are other talents I would love to just drop in my lap – but artistically speaking, for this blog –  realism is definitely on the top of my list.

Your turn, Make a Wish!

here is a silly picture I took of my daughter

and this is my sister’s interpretation – I was informed it was not done, but either way – amazing

and this is her self portrait


26 thoughts on “Make a wish

  1. WOW. Yeah, she is good. Strange that as an artist you would wish to be a better artist. Strange and wonderful. You have your chosen dream, just want to be excel. Lovely.

  2. Wonderful post, beautiful painting of your daughter and yes, what a talented family. I must admit, I would love to be able to paint. But happy with my creation with words. Stuart

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  4. My grandafther was an artist, my mother inherited his talent – but that gene seems to have disappeared, as I can’t draw or paint, and neither can my daughters or grandsons. Maybe it will reappear in some later generation.

  5. It’s nice to have talent in the family, you are an artist too. We all wish to become better at what we do, it’s human nature. We strive for excellence, happy creating…

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  7. Interesting. I tried the realism for a while and then often wonder what is it about wanting to duplicate reality that so intrigues us? So I went back to the abstract which I find far more exciting. But that sure IS good realism! Ok, off to write my wish prompt….hmmm. I wish, I wish…

  8. I guess it is strange- but it is sort of assumed that as an “artist” I can paint realistically like that, um nope. :) but like Corrinne said, I LOVE teaching, so that is good ‘nough.

  9. It’s obvious that you are quite talented already, Sylvie. What jumps out at me in particular is that you are incredibly artistic and “paint” an amazing “picture” with your words. I think you sell yourself short. Your sister’s work is remarkable, but can she create a visual picture using text the way you do? I wonder what talent of yours she’s secretly envious of…. Great job.

  10. Your sister has a great talent, I wish I had that talent as well. Have you thought about doing photography as a craft? It is something that does take quite an eye and seeing the picture you took you have an eye for it.
    Just a thought.

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