3D Hands – Another Pinterest SUCESS!

Love it when cool ideas actually WORK.

A friend of mine -from childhood- pinned a nifty 3D hand project a few weeks ago.

I repinned and THANKED her for the awesome idea….gave it a shot at home and then decided to toss it at my classes.

It fit all the criteria;

  • We were learning lines – this project used lines
  • I am under pressure to stay “neat” this year – this project is not messy
  • It had to be CHEAP – I had all the supplies in my art closet already



Basic instructions
1. LIGHTLY trace your hand and arm on a piece of paper – it should be very light (some kids did, others didn’t)

2. Draw curved lines on the arm and hand – connected with STRAIGHT lines on the rest of the page (again, some did, others didn’t…at least not every time)

3. Color between the lines. Alternate colors- we used colored pencils – (the no-mess factor) – but will follow up with fine black marker lines to outline some of the lines and make the 3D image “PoP”


All in all it is a fun project –  fairly easy to execute –  well-contained – minimal supplies