M is for Mandalas

I needed a one-day take home project for my classes last week and came up with making mandalas….  it also served as a nice break for all the left brain dominate children in my classes. The ones who were about to strangle me if I suggested another wholly creative project. These kids wanted structure, rules, a clear plan….for goodness sake – they wanted a ruler already.  So, I gave them what they wanted in the mandala project.   (if you want more info on what a mandala is check here – Mandala Project )

We glued an old CD in the center of square pieces of heavy cardboard.  The CD’s give it a little flair, and I had a gadzillon in the art room thanks to donations, and the cardboard was a very wise bulk purchase at the beginning of the year….. but you can skip the CD center and just use heavy paper.

The kids then simply drew spokes out from the center and created repeating patterns. (note- permanent markers are necessary to write on CD’s)  ….unfinished because the kids all took their projects home :)


and the left brains were happy

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. Those left-brainers are creative too, aren’t they? Just differently.

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