K is for Kites for Kids

My classes – from first to twelfth grade – all make these incredibly easy kites the last day of school. –

I was a little nervous before I started giving instructions- but once I saw the faces of the first group of kids,

I would have no problem telling the entire staff of the school to go fly a kite!

Each kite is constructed from a single piece of ordinary copy paper and are ready to fly in less than ten minutes.

Kite supplies:
Copy paper
Wooden skewer
Plastic streamers
Masking tape
String – at least 8 feet for each kite
Piece of cardboard – 2 x 4-inches is fine
Hole punch

Kite instructions:

  • Fold the paper in half,  “like a hamburger bun”
  • Measure one inch from the fold from one end, and then about two and a half inches from the other end, (see picture above)  crease this diagonal fold
  • Bend one side back to create the kite shape. Place a piece of tape vertically down the fold line so that it stays in place.
  • Lay the skewer across horizontally from one point to the other, tape in place.
  • Tape plastic strips to the bottom of the kite
  • Flip kite over and fold the front flap back and forth until it stands straight up.
  • Punch a hole in the flap about a third of the way down from the top.
  • Thread the string through this hole and tie securely. Wind the rest of the string to the piece of cardboard.

That’s it!  Now go outside and fly your kite.  We did this in two rounds, the first kite was done under close supervision in order to teach the kids exactly how to make a kite – then we flew the kites for about fifteen minutes (they really fly) …then I called everyone back in to make another kite, this time with minimal instruction – I wanted to see if they could duplicate the project at home, or whenever a kite is called for!

That turned out to be an excellent strategy. Kids who were unclear on the directions were able to ask questions, and the others used the time to make one, two, or more kites – or decorate a single kite with markers and crayons.


5 thoughts on “K is for Kites for Kids

  1. I’ve always loved kite flying, it was my favorite thing. My kids too. This is great having the instructions for making the kite. The best way to enjoy spring winds.

  2. I love kites, and I’ve actually done this several times with my students. Hmmm, I just may have to revisit this…Great post!

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