J is for Jelly Fish

Jelly fish art is one of those surprising trends….like the sudden popularity of “putting a bird on it,”  jelly fish have moved from a nifty kids craft right into the indie art scene.

First – if you want to make Jelly Fish craft with kids

  • Jelly Fish Body – coffee filter,  or you can use a Styrofoam bowl, plastic lid, yogurt cup, bottom of a plastic bottle, paper plate, scraps of cardboard…. whatever is handy.
  • Jelly Fish tentacles – curling ribbon works well, but so does yarn, ribbon, paper scraps, fabric, pipe cleaners, crepe paper streamers….again whatever is handy.

Simply attach the tentacles to the edge of the jelly fish body and then add an additional string on top to hang the finished jelly fish from the ceiling.

Giant Jelly Fish can be made from an old hula hoop and strips of tulle and ribbons. This could double as a great little hiding place for a small child when hung from the ceiling in a corner. Hang a few glow sticks for a magical feel!


Painting  Jelly Fish is fun for kids and adults… like the crayons and watercolors here


and all sorts of Jazzy Jellyfish art for sale on Etsy and ArtFire



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  1. Your crafts are really great…if only I still taught in the classroom. You should put these together in a book. Really nice.
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (about # 800 on A to Z list)

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