H is for Heck, What the Heck?!

After work today, I had a meeting to attend…..it went on and on and on and on- as meetings often do. There is something odd that happens to people when they are forced to sit on folding chairs, drink bad coffee, and take notes. It’s as if time stands still and everyone has unlimited time to argue minor, no miniscule points, into oblivion.

My solution, send out text messages, gather responses, go with the majority. Not even email, text messages only. That’s it. That’s all. Done. No discussion, no storytelling, no arguing…. anyways after the night I had, this  H post is short. 

                   What the Heck?

I really like peppermints, so every so often I’ll buy a bag and stash it in my coffee cupboard. Not so unusual right?

My neighbor boy knows about my little secret stash and so when he comes over, he opens the cupboard and grabs a mint.

He saw me put a new bag in on a Friday and then I didn’t see him until Monday after school. That fateful afternoon he casually opened the cupboard to grab one and they were gone.   

He shouted, “What the HECK?”  “Where are the mints?”  “You ate a whole bag?” Completely exasperated he just couldn’t believe they were gone, ” What the HECK?”

First of all, yes – I ate the mints. I really like mints and it was a stressful weekend, judge me if you must.

“What the Heck?”  has turned into a running joke at my house….so when the his little sister came over for the day and shouted, “What the Heck?” in her tiny little four year old voice, no one could stop laughing.

Unfortunately, since the that phrase is a joke, it is used more often than not… “What the HECK?” Oh no, it’s spreading…

Yep, that’s my H post – if you are sitting there thinking, What the heck was that?… my apologies.


6 thoughts on “H is for Heck, What the Heck?!

  1. No– I enjoyed this post–sorry you had to endure one of "those" meetings. I've been there one too many times!! LOLCheers, Jennhttp://www.wine-n-chat.com

  2. my daughter goes to ballroom and they always have large mints for people to take, so they don't offend their dance partners—your charming story reminded me of how they are always gone by the time we leave—cute post

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