H is for Hearts


“I Spy” is the title of this large painting –  personally I love the colors and the shimmery paint … it came together so fast, I hardly remember painting it at all. Then, it was promptly donated to a benefit show and is now living in a new home.

People seem to have strong opinions about “hearts” – a good friend of mine HATES heart images in anything ….while I live for the day after Valentine’s day sales.  I don’t collect hearts and I am not particularly sappy, but I am fond of love in general…and the color red….   Hate hearts?  Hmmm…

He is not alone either – at the benefit auction I heard some not so nice comments about the stupid hearts – ah well, someone liked it – besides me…  Definitely not going to please everyone.

How do you feel about heart-shaped items?

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6 thoughts on “H is for Hearts

  1. Wow that painting is beautiful! You have a true talent. I used to be hate images with hearts..I guess i just didnt “feel it” …but recently I have liked them more and more. I would love to have more around my house…maybe it will aid in the laws of attraction. Wonderful blog..thanks for sharing

  2. I love that painting, and I didn’t even notice the heart shapes until I read the text. I don’t think they are overwhelming at all; they can easily be seen as graceful branches twisting toward each other. I guess I do like heart-shaped images; I find myself doodling them sometimes.

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