H is for Hair – Make your own Grass Head

Spring is the perfect time to start a Grass Head.  Kids love trimming the “hair” that sprouts about a week after putting it all together.
If you are doing this at home, I suggest everyone makes their own…adults enjoy coming up with hairstyles too!

Super easy, inexpensive, and fun to play with – what more could you ask for. These also make pretty cool gifts for kids to give to their friends or teachers.

  • Old nylon stockings or pantyhose.
  • Grass seeds. Rye or alfalfa seeds also work well.
  • Sawdust or potting mix or a handful of soil from your garden.
  • Small yogurt container.
  • Decorations. Goggly eyes, fabric scrap, colored paper for the bodies, fabric paint, pipe-cleaners for glasses…anything you have handy
  • Water-proof glue. The heads need to be watered, so be sure the glue you use can withstand a little soaking.


Cut off an 8-inch section of stocking that includes the toe. – If you are making several and need to use a center section, tie a knot on one end then turn it inside out to hide the knot.

Stretch the stocking over a large cup or mug, and spoon in about 2 teaspoons full of grass seeds.

Add sawdust or soil. The head should be about the size of a tennis ball when complete.

how to make grass heads step 4 Tie a knot to close the end. (Leave the tail.)


Now decorate!  Use fabric scraps or permanent marker to draw on the face, you can also make a bulbous nose or ears by grabbing a bit of stocking and twisting, then tie off with a piece of thread or a small rubber band.
Decorate the yogurt container with colored paper to make the body.

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Dip the head in water to moisten the soil, fill the yogurt container half-way full of water and then put the head on top.

Leave your little creation on a windowsill where it gets plenty of sunlight.

“Hair” takes about 1 week to sprout.

A full head of hair takes 3-4 weeks to grow….and then you can really have fun. Experiment with different hairstyles.  You can make mohawks, pony-tails, pig-tails, braids, crew cuts….

(but be prepared,  “greying and balding” will start to occur after about 6 weeks.)

without the yogurt cups is just as fun ….see the ears and nose, cute!



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