E is for Elephant

E is for Elephant

This heavy mosaic collage hangs in my living room –  the elephant symbolizes …

Strength * Wisdom * Solitude * Intelligence * Courage * Loyalty

and is said to protect a home from bad luck –

and bring good luck to all who live there.

They are also said to be a like a “call to arms”  for those going through a battle.These powerful beasts are inherently peaceful and family-oriented. Standing strong for their cause.

Now, I am not terribly superstitious, but I am inexplicably drawn to symbolism – and if there isn’t any there, I will make it up myself to suit my needs :)

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11 thoughts on “E is for Elephant

  1. That’s an elephant? Okay. I’m all for the good luck and prosperity I’ve heard elephant figurines can bring your home, but the trunk has to be raised. Since I can’t tell that is an elephant, I can’t tell where his truck is! :)

    Whatever keeps you happy and secure…it’s all good. ♥

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  3. That mosaic is beautiful–thanks for sharing! I also love your take on symbolism vs. superstition. I agree–whenever symbolism can be used to our advantage, by all means *do* it :D

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