E is for Eco-friendly

There is an endless variety of eco-friendly projects to be made. Using  just the materials at hand  may take a little creative compromising, but it is always satisfying to
rescue something that would have simply gone into the trash.  This does not mean making sandals from toilet paper tubes or other wacky crafts just for the sake of crafting.
Plenty of useful and attractive eco-friendly items can be created without a lot of work.

Recycle fabric and trim from damaged clothes, take a good look at the things you throw out – AND the things you purchase. This is not just a ‘save the earth’ sentiment – while that is important – saving your budget from unnecessary consumerism and teaching your kids how to conserve – AND be happy while doing it, is well worth the effort.

Book purses are a fun way to salvage damaged books.

Lunch bags from old tablecloths are MUCH more affordable than the $30+ designer lunch bags I’ve seen.

Bird Sculptures – which double as handy book ends – from nothing but a couple plastic store bags, newspaper, glue and a clothes hanger –
(two pins were pushed in to make the eyes.)


E is for Eco-Friendly …..and to be honest Running on Empty!   whew, what a day                     


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  1. I’ve seriously been thinking lately about eco-friendly living. I know that there is so much more that I can do besides recycle. Thanks for the inspiration, Sylvie Branch!

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