D is for Dyn -O-MITE

 Every morning as part of my job – I flip through online magazines and girl-on-the-street type fashion blogs to find out what is trendy and new – and writable. Then I pull and stretch the thoughts into hopefully informative posts, pop in a handful of items that fit the bill and send it off to the editor.

Most days that comes easily. Fashion is as fickle as it is the same, which gives me lots of words to play with…and I like playing with words.

~there is a D word coming, don’t worry – and no, that wasn’t it…..here it is….

I said “Dyn-o-mite!” after my son told me something or other last night.  He looked at me funny, and then I stopped and realized how odd that was. 

It’s funny how words come in and out of fashion. When was it okay to say dynamite?  The 70s maybe?  Good Times? Jimmie Walker?  (I had to look that up)

And when did I EVER use that phrase before?  … um probably never because I am dork and have never had much luck with exclamations of any kind.  “Dude…”  yeah, that’s really not my style. “Sweet” “That’s hot” not even “Gnarly”   yeah, you’re welcome.

“Awesome”  “Cool”  “Wow”  my repertoire is pretty boring…..maybe that’s why I subconsciously decided to spice it up with a little Dyn-O-mite! 

Wile E. is my alter ego. – no that is not a D word, but dynamite always blew up in his face too. – he lives in a desert….there is a lot of dysfunction in his relationship with the world around him….. 

oh well, time to “Drop it Like It’s Hot”  –(that link takes you to last years A to Z challenge D day)

….I’ve had more people tell me the dancing chick in the Sun Drop commercial reminds them of me – not sure what to do with all that, but say,  “Dyn-O-Mite!” dude.  no no no – see there I am trying to hard, scratch the dude – no don’t really scratch the dude, just forget I said that, k?

~*~*~*~*~A to Z Challenge & Dancing prompt for the GBE2~*~*~*~*~*~*


20 thoughts on “D is for Dyn -O-MITE

  1. LOL I think you and I are in the same boat. My interests span too many decades, so I feel little out of touch and lost in time . . . though I don't think I've ever tried to use dyn-o-mit . . . just yet!

  2. LMAO, I can see Jimmy Walker saying that as you speak. So funny. Although there is that song out that is called Dynamite.Kathyhttp://gigglingtruckerswife.blogspot.com/

  3. Yes, things blowing up in the face…completely there with you and Wile E. Love the "double-dog-dare", Word Nerd (both the dare and blast from the past)! Guaranteed to go viral, Sylvie.

  4. Word fashion though is not as fickle as clothing faction, for which I am thankful. My clothes may be from years ago and draw stares, but at least people can understand me when I talk.

  5. Flash back to Good Times!! Holy cow– I haven't thought of that show in years. That said– Dyn-o-mite! was a phrase that came and went and I don't think I ever really used it–but I knew a few people who could pull it off!!Wonderful D post!

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