C is for Chimps, Cartooning and Celebrating!

I teach cartooning classes in an awesome private school.  The class itself is a  fun ‘extra’ that meets the last two periods of the school day, and both class periods are maxed out with 5th through seventh graders.  This results in loud – fun – silly classes that I decided to capitalize on last week.

Friday after school was a surprise birthday party for one of my older students.  Everyone from the school was invited. It was simply a cookout at a nearby park and gifts were not expected, but the email invite did state, “If you insist on bringing something, Andy would love a chimpanzee birthday card.”

I took this seriously and set my classes to work on creating massive chimpanzee birthday cards. We did a quick “how to draw a chimp” lesson and then I gave them all full reign of the paper supply to create silly cards and pictures to really load Andy down with birthday cheer.

Here are just a few of the ridiculous pile of cards created that day….


The Chimp above is “Justin BeiberChimp”  JB is wishing Andy a “Beiberific” Day!  You can’t see it in the images, but the sheets of paper are huge – poster board size. Most of the kids folded them in half to create cards, the rest just drew on the big sheets.   So in honor of the A to Z challenge…..


C is for Chimps, Cartooning and Celebrating!

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