B is for business, buildings… and bike

Creativity Explosion is the current title for my art classes that I offer – but it soon to be the name of my business as well.

I am excitedly working on the plans for an Upcycle Exchange in the Cleveland area which will serve artists, crafters, teachers and other DIY’ers who want to find a great deal on art supplies.

The business model is based off of Autumn Wiggins Upcycle Exchange in St. Louis. (with her blessing of course)  She has a perfectly adorable shop that holds all sorts of treasures. The kicker is that most of the items are donated from fellow artists and others who want to clean out their stash….and offered with unique pay-as-you-wish pricing.

This means if you find the perfect bolt of fabric, you have to come up with what it is worth to you. At first I was skeptical of this practice, but after watching her success and the success of stores like hers such as Tampa Upcycle, I am convinced.

So far I have started collecting items, spreading the word cautiously,  and am stashing away ideas for future use. (Pinterest is a lovely resource.)  I am also constantly looking at building space. -with or without a business plan, buildings call to me. :)

Some of my favorite possibilities …. are either too expensive or too far. I am holding out for a location I can bike to and from without having to psych myself up for the trek!   This may or may not happen, but in the meantime I have plenty to do to prepare.

pretty pink with flowers ………… outside seating, a must   ………or look – a mobile unit!  that would be nifty, now if only I could hook it to my bike…  :)


12 thoughts on “B is for business, buildings… and bike

  1. Cooool… yes, with 4 O’s… that means it is extra cool…

    Never heard of that “pay as you wish” model before… that makes sense…

    Good luck, eh!

    Dave the Goof

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