Abstract made easy


My high school creative painting class was intimidated by the idea of abstracts. This surprised me, but I was not going to let them completely off the hook.
Personally, I love abstract painting. Applying colors, texture and shapes to recreate feelings comes second nature to me….but to teach this in a short 45 minute class that meets bright and early on Fridays did not.

Instead of frustrating the kids with more free painting ….I introduced Geometric Abstracts. This worked.

First they used rulers, protractors, and stencils to make a pattern.
Then they chose three colors of paint.  (I let them get away with four – but suggest three)
Now all they had to do was paint in the sections.

I did give them painters tape to help mask off sections to create sharper lines – not everyone took advantage of it. But the project relaxed the stressed out students.  : )


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