Wordless Wednesday – Seagull edition

I took a seagull on our winter camping trip. Not any seagull, this is a rescue. One of my art students made this lovely bird last year and left it in the storage closet. When I reunited the two after the paper bird spent a long, hot summer next to the boiler room – he said “Just toss it.”  

Instead, I vowed to haunt him with the bird until he graduates, er…actually I just took Mr. Seagull on vacation with my family.  

Set him amongst his kin – 

         who ended up being camera shy – or perhaps intimidated by Mr. Seagulls innate beauty.

Slightly creepy shot of my son
and that concludes Mr. Seagull’s adventure
 – he is now perched on top of my bookcase – 
until Ben’s graduation, 
I think a cap and gown would be adorable…


~I also think I completely missed the point of “Wordless Wednesday” -yet again~


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