Cootie Catcher Fun

Remember these? 
Cootie Catchers, Fortune Tellers…whatever you called them, they were an addictive playground or bus trip activity…um, for my generation…. but

– only two of my kids – out of two full classes –

 had any idea what we were doing, or what to do with these things.

After finally showing all the kids how to fold the paper squares correctly…

(that took a little longer than expected) we moved on to the fun.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

First we filled the four outside flaps with a color, (a color heart was suggested)

Kept it simple and had the inside labeled with numbers 1-8
All the way inside they could write a challenge or a wish…suggested Valentine themed, 
but mainly we had a lot of jumping jacks, chalkboard kissing, songs sung, and push-ups- 
those were probably better for all involved.  
 The rest of the class time was spent trying out everyone’s creations.
 -and taking mug shots for an upcoming project, that I am VERY excited about…

what can I say,  last two classes of the day – after sugary Valentine’s Parties, crazy intense gym class and before a much anticipated basketball game- attention spans were shorter than mine!
I said,  “Fold each corner to the center”
(one corner folded)
Kid says, “Now what.”
repeat this sequence X 50  holy bananarama. I need a cup of coffee. 

 – I’ll get back to real posts soon….and real art projects

..right now all my big important coherent words are tied up in generating income.

~Later gator~


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