Georges Seurat + Valentine’s Day = happy pigs

My first period Friday art class is designed to teach painting techniques. 
Between the limited time –  the early morning –  their “perceived” lack of skills…. and my over-developed need to be liked,  I try to present projects that are fun, while at the same time giving them a little art history lesson and possibly even a new skill. (we can only hope)  

So, as an intro to pointillism, and the art of Georges Seurat, we did not jump into recreating his beautiful Eiffel Tower – nope, not even close. Friday also happened to be the day of the Valentine’s parties so….I showed them how to draw a happy pig. 

huh?  yeah, well it made sense in my head – they can be pink, their spots could be heart shaped…. and, the kids probably think they cannot draw a pig.  yes they can and they are adorable. see

yes, the pig above has an “I love Bacon” tattoo…
~shrug~  he drew a cute pig and painted with dots, 
we accomplished something

pigs this week, Paris next


4 thoughts on “Georges Seurat + Valentine’s Day = happy pigs

  1. A cannibal pig! Miss Piggy loves this post. And I think my character, Hibbs, the bear with 2 shadows would chuckle over it as well. I followed from Hart's blog. Thanks for saying such nice words about my book! Roland

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