I live by Murphy’s law

not a soap, a two part reality show

Part one, clean up

Saturday was a mad cleaning day….

wait, back up a sec….my dryer broke early last week, meaning I had nearly 7 days of dirty clothes to tackle – basketball and soccer uniforms, soccer socks, volleyball, running and workout clothes in the mix of TOWELS, and all the assorted regular work and school clothes.  (and note- no basement, or “extra room”  to hide it all)

While waiting, for my fabulous new dryer to spit out fluffy, warm clean clothes so I could put them all away…like it was a treat. (because it was),  I put other things in their place, cleaned out cupboards, closets, the kitchen, bathroom…general house stuff. 

then… I dusted. The tables, shelves, wooden blinds….it all looked and smelled so lovely – why not use the same stuff on my floors?  I have a big fluffy flat dust mop thing (not a swifter, bigger and flatter..) anyways, I sprayed a bit of the furniture polish on the dust mop and shined up the floors.

They shined. Really shined. I loved it. 

~End of Scene One~

Scene Two, enter the children

Whack!  youngest slipped as she turned the corner, fell hard.  

For a little while it was fun. Yeah sure, “ice skating” through the house is all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out…or an arm possibly broken. 

….not broken, but definitely a very deep bruise, instantly swollen, black and blue….painful. yikes.

after posting on Facebook my “mistake”  many came back with the advice to use Murphy’s Oil Soap….sure, a thinking person would know this. 

I, on the other hand, live by Murphy’s LAW ….
If you can screw something up by trying to clean it, I will.  

Within the past year alone, I have broken, shrunk and stained more items attempting to clean them than I care to admit, but will list a few for examples. Among that embarrassing list sits my spotty oven – deep cleaning gone wrong….who knew oven cleaner was not for the stove top?   The berber carpet in my one and only  room with carpeting has very nice light tracks from a steam cleaner with “too strong” cleaner… hmpf, it worked in the other room…er, no it didn’t….that’s why that room now has wood floors.  Favorite sweaters shrunk into child-size and most embarrassing – one day, in an attempt to quickly clean the kitchen floor, I accidentally grabbed the dishwasher soap bottle, instead of the floor cleaner….squirted it directly on the floor….and forever lightened sections of the dark wood. ahhh well.  live and learn….or in my case, just live.  


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