maybe I should have thought that through…

“Okay, take off your shoes.”  I announced to my fourth period art class. 

hmmmm, did not think that through…..more than half the class just finished gym class…..

oh well. The project was simple enough. I had them do a crayon rubbing of the bottom of their shoe, cut it out and then glue it on another sheet of paper. From there, it could be anything….and I was really impressed with what they came up with. The girl who always draws horses, turned her shoe rubbing into a very nice horse…

and the girl who turns every project into a reason to draw a princess…completely transformed her shoe print into well, just look, it is kind of amazing for a ten year old. 

  I posted more pics on the …art rocks tab, proving this project was worth a slightly odorous classroom. : )

Those who finished early did some life drawing. I suggested they made “trophy” sketches of their friends…. (the princess-artist added a trophy full of roses as I was talking…not quite what I meant, but, if anything, that girl is consistent)

Two boys really got into it – check it out…. (and I should point out, that is a duct tape tie he is wearing, so cute) 


3 thoughts on “maybe I should have thought that through…

  1. I especially love the picture of the boy squatting. What's great about your students art work is that each one is different. I've seen classes where every picture looks exactly alike. I need to pass this idea on to our art teacher.Joyce

  2. exactly! i have to allow time for blank stares when i hand out projects ( …i refuse to give them examples to copy or step by step instructions….) but they are catching on and it is totally worth it!

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