the deer in the headlights found a fork

~Stage Fright~
This blog has been interrupted by an extreme episode of stage fright.

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for tweeting and sharing

– really, I do appreciate the love.

there are times, usually in the midst of a creative process, when shyness takes over
– mentioned to explain my lack of posts –


That and…..early this week I was thrown a curve ball.  Just when all is calm, nothing to be seen but miles and miles of the same, a situation popped out of no where.

(keeping it vague, because I don’t want to jinx anything, and well – you know, that pesky shy thing) 

I’ve come to a fork in the road

no, not that kind

When you can’t see past your nose either way, making a decision is hard. I have a tendency to visualize to the point of making things seem real – but that does not mean that is the way they will turn out. 

I can paint glorious rosy swatches all over each possibility,
spin it until it seemingly twirls pirouettes on it’s own.
create an exciting emotional tsunami

which leaves me that much more confused.

Something I read in Psychology today this month is strangely relevant…..even if I don’t want to acknowledge it. Entitled, “Why do Daydreamers Fail?”  the study cited suggests that the more clearly you visualize, the less motivated, and in turn, less likely you are to succeed.  
The published paper mentioned, “Positive fantasies about idealized futures sap energy”  flies right in the face of those who follow “The Secret.”  Even if it is a little depressing for this dreamer, I guess they have a point. I can practically transport to an idealized future, to the point that it feels like it already happened….which leads to the whole, been there, done that emotion. 

so, i am giving logic and reality a shot with this big decision….trying to weigh out the options, consider how my decision will affect others, taking practicalities under consideration…and on and on. Where am I going, why?

do I use the wisdom of the Cheshire Cat

   “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t much matter which way you go.” 
or Yogi Berra
    “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

or both? 

Either way will work, somehow, someway…. i imagine.    





5 thoughts on “the deer in the headlights found a fork

  1. I think either way will work. Of course, my advise is always, "Listen, stop thinking, stop doing, stop being, just listen with intensity. Then go with the inner voice." It's always right.:)

  2. Yes, I know the philosophy of "The Secret" all too well. "Dream a little dream" but it still takes action to bring it to reality.I love Jo's advice. Go with your gut. The answer's there for certain!

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