What is your pet peeve? 

When this topic was announced, I pinpointed my pet peeve instantly. 
– people who are mean to the wait staff –
This annoys me from all angles.  

When I waitressed at a comedy club, I found it pretty ironic that the worst behaved customers, the ones that complained and made huge fusses over the smallest things….were there on business, mainly staff parties of some sort. People, people, don’t you realize waitresses shop, bank, and buy cars too….and more importantly – we talk. If the impression your business leaves is rude, immature or flat out hard to please…then do not expect our business….or the business of our friends, family….sure, you “business men” may think that a lowly cocktail waitress is inconsequential to your “big, important business” – but then you may be surprised at who we know. 

  Other than those big parties, one of the biggest pitfalls of working in a comedy club was that when the lights came on, everyone got up to leave at once…meaning, MANY people slip out without paying…. which is immediately deducted from the waitresses tips.  ouch.  Okay, maybe that’s more than a pet peeve…

On the other side of the table, I’ve been out with people who treat restaurant staff with such a condescending manner that I’ve wanted to hide under the table. Last year at an event, a man fussed and complained the entire meal. The food wasn’t cooked just right, the drink tasted “off” whatever that means and then, the final straw was when he pushed dessert away, disgusted that the New York cheesecake, that he ordered….was too dense, not light and fluffy like he prefers.  (um, that is the definition of a New York style cheesecake sir, you must be thinking of Philadelphia style, which is not on the menu and so, you did not order it…)
He single-handedly destroyed the atmosphere of the entire table…no, the entire room. The owner of the restaurant even came over to apologize, and the rude putz put his hand up and turned away.  seriously man?


… I thought I’d quickly write this up and be done with it, but then a few others came to mind…    

 *people who put all their focus on physical perfection. Now I am all for beauty and taking care of yourself, but come on, there is more to life honey.  (on the flip side – Toddlers and Tiaras – this is a big pet peeve of mine….ugh. those moms need to be focusing more on themselves – hit the gym, take yourself to the beauty parlor …and focus less on your toddlers beauty,  take your toddler to the playground,)

*saying you are getting so old – yes, of course you are aging, but stop acting old before your time….and by that I mean stop throwing the, “I’m too old for that card” – what a cop-out.  (sometimes it may be true…but most of the time it is just ridiculous, a thirty-something saying they are too old to do anything, or a forty year old who is “too old” for *insert anything fun here*

*condescending tones….The, “I-know-more-than-you-about-everything” – attitude, followed up with the “If-I-don’t-know-something,- it-must-not-be-important” – attitude.

When it comes to pet peeves, you really can’t have just one.

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  1. Typos… I cannot leave them!I think you're right Sylvia, it's like a Lays potato chip! I agree with each of the ones you have listed here, and in particular, the dressing up of toddlers. That may be more than a peeve, because it downright makes me angry.Waitresses see a lot, and it always surprises me when people treat them unkind and think that they can just get away with it. Though there have been a few that have earned their own demerits in my book. While I was a teen, a friend of mine used to go with me on my days off to local coffee shops. We chose to go just before lunchtime, (like 11ish) and stay until about 1:30. If we could get more than one cup of coffee, without asking that is and the waitress was kind, and continued to fill our coffee cups up, while we were keeping her table from being filled with "more important" customers, we would leave anywhere from 20-50$ for a tip. (this was back a few years ago, when that mattered). It was kind of fun for me… but then, at that time, that's what I did for a living. :-) It was amazing how many would be rude to us, just after the first cup of coffee.

  2. November Rain you are so right….there are definitely waitresses that deserve all the rude treatment that can be dished out. (I worked with a few) In my late night posting, I overlooked that side of the story.

  3. Absolutely Jo, after posting this more came to mind.. but unfortunately those pet peeves resemble some of my favorite people :) no one is perfect…. if they are-or think they are, then that is pet peeve number 1 :)

  4. I don't go out to eat a lot but I have one dear friend I go with a couple times every year and she always send her food back to get it warmer, fluffier, whatever. It's never exactly to her liking. I think she just likes having someone else waiting on her for a change.

  5. I always hate condescending attitudes toward anyone and especially toward someone who is doing a service for you. I agree with you totally.Pam

  6. When does a peeve become a genuine sense of grievance, even anger? I so wonder because I too have trouble with condescension. A friend of mine does it, but where I think it may be tipping over into genuine anger for me is that he denies this is what he is doing – 'I'm just trying to explain/help' – and won't accept my grievance… Hmm, food for thought, and a good post :o)

  7. I don't understand how people can be mean to anyone, let alone someone who's serving you and just doing their job. I admit there have been times when a server has annoyed me (not bringing me water after I've asked for it three times, for example), but I'd never take it out on someone doing a hard job for low pay. I've never stiffed a waitperson, either. I don't even reduce the amount of the tip if they do do something annoying. I don't see the point. Thanks for a thoughtful post on a topic that isn't addressed often enough.

  8. Wow, reading all these other blogs are bringing up all these peeves that I didn't think to list on my own post! LOL. I am pretty respectful when it comes to a wait staff. The only time I didn't tip was when my husband and I went out to a Chinese buffet and we were never served a drink. Now, mind you all they handle are drinks, we fix our own plates, right? Just as we finished up our last plate, the owner realized we just ate our whole meal without a drink and didn't charge us for our meals. I couldn't see leaving a tip for nobody, since nobody waited on us. But, I'm usually pretty understanding about the pressures of their job.

  9. I think everyone should wait tables early in their working years. It would provide some a much better perspective of what it is to be on that side of the equation. Oh, and those people who enter their kids in beauty pageants? Horrible. Not only do they send their little girls a ridiculous message about their value, but they tramp them up in the process. Hideous.

  10. This is so true!!! I loved your list, and you are right…people need to treat others as they would like to be treated..even the wait staff. It is only right!Kathy

  11. When I go out to eat, I'm just so happy to have someone else cook and do the dishes that I just love them all. I've seen people treat wait staff badly and I feel bad for the staff. It is uncalled for…As for children in pageants.. I would never, NEVER allow a child of mine in one of those pageants. All I can think about is that there are men who will lust after a little girl and I would never do anything to make my child look sexy. That is just plain wrong. Also, some of those pageant moms seem to be missing a lot of common sense. I was flipping around on the TV last night when I landed on Toddlers & Tiaras just in time to see a mother put a cube of sugar in her child's mouth while explaining that she needed to give her daughter some energy. Really???? Ugh…

  12. Love it…if we could all just treat each other as people it would be much better. We all have a job to do and one is not nor important than the other!

  13. I know what you mean about being embarrassed to be in a restaurant with certain people because of the way they treat the wait staff. Been there.Joyce

  14. Oh yes…Your main pet peeve (and I certainly don't disagree at all with the extra chips :)) is one that drives me bananas but the shoe goes on both feet…restaurant staff can be just as rude.A waiter or waitress is working for us. Most do an amazing job of watching out for our needs and deserve to be treated well (and tipped well, too). I've never held a job like theirs but I certainly respect what they do. Their job is as important as any of mine have ever been. An executive going out to dinner is no more remarkable than that teenage couple at the other table. Don't even get me started on Toddler and Tiara syndrome…that isn't a peeve of mine, it's a RANT!

  15. oh wow……SO relate to this. Someone, who i THOUGHT was my dearest friend for life..when she insulted someone at a drive through window..i saw her weakness..and never saw it totally nauseated me; "they were to serve her". I didn't want to see it, but once i did i understood her pain. And she would cause pain again….abused becomes the abuser…yup

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