Today in art class we made tessellations. 
Cut, trace, repeat. 
I posted a few pictures on the “art rocks” tab of this blog, but it feels appropriate to repeat myself here. 

some kids got right to work – like the girl who quickly scribbled out a page of owls
another carefully cut, taped and traced a page full of chickens

we had cute cats, batman images, fox, rockets, dogs, houses,  faces and….

But one kid stood out – er, actually he just sat…

After explaining the project, this boy just sat there. Not completely unusual, but he wasn’t talking to friends, or being disruptive…. 5…10 minutes into class and he was doing nothing more than looking at his cardstock

then, all of a sudden, snip, snip, snip 

(snip-snip-snip-snip…it was a dragon after all, with spikes and teeth)

Ta Da! dragons

really cool to watch his mind at work
and reminded me of my morning…when I decided all my classes had to go to Plan B
When I woke up and realized school was not cancelled due to the snow storm…
I sat
and stared
Had to come up with something other than my planned projects  (too much to carry down the street in the snow…)   We ended up doing pop art, tessellations, lizards, and cityscapes.  Turned out to be a good plan since so many kids were absent.   Try again next week. 
                          (and I’ll try again tomorrow on my blog – this is alls i gots today :)