what IS that?

Ever have those moments when imagination kicks in a split second before logic?  Just enough time to potentially say or do something ridiculous….you know, in light of reality.

Today, my daughter thought there was a cat hanging off the back of a fellows truck hitch.

After further investigation, we saw it was nothing more than a monkey…a stuffed monkey. The wet dangling stuffed animal “could” have been a cat hanging on for dear life…right?  Oh my.
Not the best example, (just weird) but that got us talking. How many other times have I “seen” something that wasn’t exactly there.
{disclaimer – not schizophrenic, creative is my default mode}
A few years ago, I was certain a giant bat was hanging from a telephone wire… I could feel the rush of adreneline- pure shot of fear…. so certain I even called a friend. Nope, just a trash bag.

My grandma was apparently certain she saw the biggest bee in the world…it was a hummingbird. now that is an honest mistake, see…

Then there was the strange incidence when my daughter and I both thought an exotic animal had escaped the mall into the parking lot….maybe a baby potbelly pig, or a chinchilla ….we slowly approached….talking about what we should do…..until,
 “oh, um okay” 
It was a discarded diaper. 

Once, I scared a guy sleeping in his car at a soccer tournament…because I thought he was dead. (come on, his head was at a weird angle…)  *just keep walking, just keep walking…

 Now I could tell you about the time I thought I witnessed a murder…but honestly, it wouldn’t make sense…I don’t know what actually happened – or how to explain what I “thought” I saw.   holy memory zapper thingee ( Men in Black )  
Some say excess consumption of coffee makes you see things, hear things….maybe
 (*awesome illusion from visual fun house)
……………….or maybe it’s all a conspiracy, man. 


10 thoughts on “what IS that?

  1. This had me laughing out loud for real-a discarded diaper? Really? lol….oh my…I know the feeling though as I am sure there are hundreds of deer lining the side of the dark roads, ready to jump out at me any second and make me wreck.

  2. Loved this! The folk singer Christine Lavin has a song about something like this: people in the subway think they see a hurt puppy on the tracks and debate about what they should do. Who's going to be brave enough to jump down and save it? It turns out to be a wig. The eyes and the mind play funny tricks on us sometimes.

  3. I think creative people "see" things more so than non-creative types. Once I saw a friend standing across a crowded room. Later I wondered where he went because I only saw him across the room that once. I asked my husband if he knew why our friend left early. My husband informed me that our friend was not there and on that particular day happened to not even be in town!

  4. While I was reading and giggling, I recalled a time when I got a phone call from a woman who was living in a recovery house where I was a volunteer. The woman was screaming about a bat in the house. I drove right over to the house and asked her to show me the bat. It sat right on the kitchen wall – big as you please – except it wasn't at bat. It was one of those giant moths. LOL… It still makes me laugh. Great blog, Sylvie.

  5. I heard a story one time about a girl rescuing a chihuahua – they thought….but it was a rat. could have been a joke… ? but still that would be me, jumping on the tracks to save a wig. ~thought that counts right?~

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