once upon a time there were castles

As much as I love exploring in the woods -and- love spending time by the water…. I have a real “thing” for old buildings. Not just any old house though, I am talking about commercial properties- churches, schools, stores, factories…. stop. stare. imagine the history…. go ahead soak it all in…..dream of the possibilities…  

The GBE2 prompt for this week is History… I may not know a pile of facts, could not recite all the names, dates and exact locations of historical events, but history resonates with me. History is nothing more than what happened -to people- and that is always interesting. My favorites; art history, architectural history, fashion history – all revolve around the people who made it so.   

When I stand in the midst of a great old space, my mind goes to the workers, the time period….but mostly, when I see an old abandoned building, my mind starts churning, “how could I fix this up?” “what could this space be…?”   “could I live here…?”

(((- now even though this history post is taking a turn, it still relates –
                                                             if you squint and turn your head slightly to the right…)))

I sometimes stalk real estate sites for old buildings – it’s an odd hobby – I am not going anywhere anytime soon, but when the time is here – I will be ready (and know exactly where the best buildings are!) 
This great space is somewhere in England – yeah, England ~shrug~  why not? 

here’s the write up;

Traditional brick construction with stone and brick facade fronting onto Market Street with further entrance on Queen Street.

Six good sized rooms off main reception area. Staircase leading to two rooms under the main stage area. Two staircases leading to first floor which is a spacious hall with high ceiling and a stage to the rear.

Total ground floor extends to 1918 sq ft. First floor 272 sq ft. Second floor 2294 sq ft.
Inside picture….. a little paint, a new floor, a few ceiling tiles (or something altogether new) -look at those windows…. aaaahhhh

This next one is flatout gorgeous….. I don’t need a place like this – but goodness, it is for sale £289,000  (popping that into a currency convertor it comes out at $368,359) 
I’d add, ONLY, to that number…not because I have an extra 365 grand lying about, but I do know people who live in everyday, ordinary big homes for approximately that amount of money. Heck, my son’s appendicitis nightmare cost nearly that much.  (month in hospitals including the two ambulance rides – transporting to different hospitals )  anyways, this is…

St. Georges Church in Central Manchester

now, you may be thinking – that would take a lot of work to fix up, heat-cool….well, it looks as though someone already did the basics.

wow, just wow.

For approximately the same amount of money – this old high school ( can I even say “old” after showing that actually old church….?)  anyways, it was built in 1910 in North Carolina – cool – huge… how much fun that would be to fix up and transform…

….ideally though, I would love to take over a small old firehouse. Not only are set up cool, they are most likely located in town so the whole “art studio – workshop – home thing would work. 

I don’t know how to end this post. I keep staring at the screen….looking back at the pretty buildings…typing, deleting… time’s up. Good bye, thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “once upon a time there were castles

  1. I grew up in the Sierra's. We could lay claim to the Donner Party, but had so few physical traces of history. When Rob and I joined the airline we moved to Boston and oh the history. I know how lucky I am. I may have short layovers instead of vacation time in exotic places, but I've been to Notre Dame, toured old castles and waved at the stoic Beefeaters guarding the Queen.I'd adore transforming a unique commercial space into a home. Thanks for the great post Sylvie.

  2. There's a beautiful old church in our downtown area, part brick and part stone. Been for sale for at least five years. I can visualize a barbeque in the bell tower. Room for at least three large families. If were just younger and richer….

  3. I tried talking the hubs into looking at an old schoolhouse and an old theater that were for sale in the hopes of having a really cool house, but he kept saying things like "heating nightmare." Killjoy.

  4. I love architecture that is old, unique, or somehow special to me in some way. I used to (well okay still do) love to go into old churches and imagine them as homes. Mostly because of the lighting, windows and overall shape of the rooms. There was usually some twisty stairwell that led up to an attic room that no one went to (I always found them). The castle is my favorite (especially after seeing the inside ;-) Wonderful venture!

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