tick tock

Here I am, start of a new day (technically, not the start, I’ve been up for hours…) but anyways, here it is, second week of January and you know what?

The clock is ticking.  Only 51 more weeks to go. When I put it that way, a year seems so short.  Only 365 days…if I had 365 pennies in my pocket, that would not be a lot…(well, it would be a lot, but would be gone in an instant…probably from dropping them on the floor and then eventually sucking them up with a vacuum) Even 365 dollars is not all that much when I take bills into consideration…

So, how can I possibly waste a day?  Tomorrow I have to take off for my daughters birthday….( so glad I have the sort of job that affords that option )- but in order for me to AFFORD that option, I have to type

…..and design my proposal for the public art program – yet again. yep every year for the past 4 years, maybe 5, I’ve submitted my best work….get accepted into round one….celebrate!….round two……celebrate! …..and then….no go. : (  BUT, I do it anyways. Persistence counts for something right?

…..get 30-some heads mounted on wood plaques. Yes, seriously. I have a large box of papier mache heads in my garage. At the end of the last class, I asked my son to grab the last box of heads from my classroom. – he just shook his head and said, “Only my mother.”   They will be very cool whimsical mounted animals…hopefully. I told the class to use their imaginations…in other words, I do not want to recognize bambi on the wall…but apparently reverse psychology works, they are turning out a bit too realistic. Have to break out the neon paints I guess, and glitter. lots of glitter

….work on a painting….not just any ol’ painting, a COMMISSION piece. Can anyone say, synchronicity? A couple came over to pick up a tool, saw my new big painting, started asking questions….ended up asking me to paint one for their house. A harvest scene of some sort with lots of texture and color. Me, the girl who hung up her paint brushes a couple years ago, the one who stopped short of joining a wickedly fun group of girls for an art show two months ago, (details spilled here) the one who fought her way through the painting that now hangs on the wall…the very one that inspired a couple to buy one of their own…. proving the theory (in my head) …if you give a mouse a cookie…(meaning, for those who aren’t children’s lit scholars, one thing leads to another)

feeling gauge
right now I am feeling…
 flat out overwhelmed….mixed with determination….and wait for it…..contentment.
That is a delicious combo for an adrenaline junkie.
Yes, I am still a little sad – but all the comments and messages after yesterday’s pathetic post were really amazing, and regardless of the past, or the naysayers (both actual naysayers and those in my head)  the clock is still tick tocking. Get to work!
*~*for nablopomo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month, in case you were wondering~*~*

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  1. The older I get, the shorter the years seem. I'm eligible to retire in five years. It seems like a long time off, but maybe not.Joycehttp://joycelansky.blogspot.com/

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