pictures say a thousand words

Revisiting the “work” prompt today for the GBE2.

While I have talked on and on about my work, I figured today I’d share what my kids do. My love for working, ~doing what you love~, has certainly been passed down.
They all have jobs, and actually all enjoy working….guess I did something right afterall.

This is going to be a picture-heavy post because the saying is true, pictures say a thousand words.

This is a photo of my daughter at work. She is a teacher in an inner city daycare….it’s a tough job, but she adores it. She started as a volunteer, went to part-time teacher’s helper, and recently became a teacher there herself. It can be hard sometimes for me, since the area isn’t exactly nice, but she really loves those kids and actually -often threatens to bring a few of the kids home (I wouldn’t mind)

Aside from the daycare, she also works as a photographer, taking senior class photos, covering events and honing her skills so she can travel the world – as she declared when she was barely 10.


My son is a gym teacher right now- he has joined the Coast Guard and is waiting in limbo…but in the meantime, loves teaching his classes. He has all ages, 5 year olds to senior high, and does a fabulous job with all of them.
This stretching picture has a funny story….I swung by his gym to take a quick picture of him “at work” and one of the parents happened to be visiting. She smiled and sweetly asked, “Oh, which one is yours?”   I had to say, “The big bald one.” yep, the teacher is my “little one”  ha!  He also works at a tool and die shop part time….no pictures of that place… and he works with his little brother ….. or for his little brother depending on who you are talking to…
 They cut lawns, landscape, build gardens, collect leaves, snowplow, shovel, clean gutters…whatever is needed.   The picture above shows them racing to get my backyard they can move on to paying jobs :) ….it hardly needs two walk behinds…but oh well, it got done fast!
they built this walkway and all the gardens for a neighbor…..

and they have fun doing it all, that’s Joe pushing a wheelbarrow on his ripstick (an inline skateboard sorta thing)

Joe also has a knack for anything mechanical – thankfully since his brother was not blessed with the same skills…

my youngest is a mother’s helper …she has been watching twin boys since they were only a month old…basically she is a babysitter in training for my slightly overwhelmed friend.    

Working is not a horrible burden, the picture below is of my daughter working at Cedar Point, yeah, she is kinda sassy. Her class did a fairly lucrative fundraiser and had a blast doing it…
and finally, they all work around the house…my happy little minions, gotta love em!
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  1. Erm, what magic spell did you use to get them to work around the house and can I have it please? Seriously though, Sylvie, you worked hard and raised some fine kids, so all credit to you :o)

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