"Roots on Fire"

“Roots on Fire” Done. Hung. On to the next one.

“Roots on Fire” is hanging in my living room – did not turn out quite as expected, but it’s done and I had fun, so all’s good.

The older post, Wait for it…. , shows some of the transformation and laid down the plan of where I was headed, I said back then about the unfolding painting “…… is the idea of the unseen. It is unfolding an image of a life…showing that what is “under the surface” is far more than what is seen – more than what even you can feel….the intertwining and far-reaching qualities of a single life are extraordinary. A single right step, or stray word can have a massive effect on the very root system of another…”

This took much longer than usual, but it had been  
SO long since I “really painted” – not just “art teacher painted”  I had to  figure out, play with paints and tools again.

 next canvas is set up and ready
   (promise, no tree this time…pinky swear)

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