it all makes sense in context

Spending Christmas Day with my family, my mom, dad and two of my sisters puts everything in context. After several odd unintentional jokes, a few bizarre exclamations, and general silliness, I turned to my kids and said, see, I do belong somewhere…. I came from somewhere….. my weirdness has roots.

Belonging. It is a priceless feeling. Better than any gift, ever. We exchanged nice gifts, (love mine by the way), but just sitting and laughing together was all that was necessary.

….over the weekend my kids have compiled a collection of video clips that “describe me” – honestly, they said that this is what they will play at my funeral. ( not as creepy a statement as it may appear, we have attended a godawful amount of funerals over the past few years – they have seen a lot of different styles and, well, it makes sense in context) ….. anyways, six decades from now, : )  the “drop it like it’s hot” Sun Drop commercial will begin an odd montage to “explain” me, remember me.  weird, yes. – but it’s okay.

What is interesting about all that is that they will be inheriting much of the same….  
*insert evil laugh here*  
…and their kids will too and so on and so on….
there is no escaping your family traits. You can suppress it, ignore it, turn your back on the past….
but it’s there and will pop up at the most inopportune times.
That’s when you need to just embrace it all, flaws and all.    




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