you can’t handle the truth

There are times when facing the bare naked truth is just not appropriate. Do I really want to know…..?  No. I don’t. I would much rather imagine and live slightly below the surface. Besides, my heart hangs out on my sleeve….oh, who I am kidding, I am basically a person turned inside out. The truth and all it’s jabby barbs are not always welcome. Besides, I believe there is almost always room for interpretation.

Just because one person says – “That’s how it is.” 
  Is it? 
  Is it really

Are they simply following protocol? Is the truth they are serving wrapped in invisible red tape?  (can you detect my skepticism with “the system” …)

So many people are just doing their job. The “truth” they tell you may be loaded with ulterior motives, (politics) (health system) (law) (business)…. it is rarely the result of a thoughtful analysis….reality or possibilities aside.

Did they really just say, “I can’t.” Is that the truth?  So says you. I say, hmpf, watch me.

belief, repetition and decibels
do not create truth.

On a lighter note, my daughter told me there is no such thing as seeing the gas tank as “a little full” when it is clearly almost empty.  Wise little thing. My silly optimism does not always translate well…..and that’s the truth.

(note- we did not run out of gas….but I did pull into the nearest gas station after her cute observation)

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4 thoughts on “you can’t handle the truth

  1. Truth certainly can be a subjective thing, but in the end, it always wins out! lol I like the glass always technically being full. That makes me :)

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