wait for it…

…a few days ago, a fantastically gorgeous, beautifully pristine, brand new canvas was bestowed upon me. – (I am completely enamored, so please excuse the over-the-top wordy phrases.) So far it has gone from pure as snow, to a purple and gold, only-a-mother-could-love stage…. then the light and dark broke in…

wait for it….
more delicious colors applied – 
it is still in it’s “awkward stage” as I explain to all the random art critics who walk by (!) 
still, wait for it
wait for it….
there, there’s the tree
colors, earth, sky and roots are not done….
but there is the beginning of a tiny tree  (tiny on a 3X5 foot canvas)  
emphasis on, not done
I did not set out, consciously, to do another tree painting….I was actually trying to avoid it, this time around,

but then the “magic wand” (aka, tool formerly known as the palette knife)  started showing me what was going on on that scrumptious canvas is the idea of the unseen. It is unfolding an image of a life…showing that what is “under the surface” is far more than what is seen – more than what even you can feel….the intertwining and far-reaching qualities of a single life are extraordinary. A single right step, or stray word can have a massive effect on the very root system of another…
I am taking my time on finishing this one.

Now that the storyline is there, I know what I need to do to finish it up…



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