blinded by love -or was it the poison?

Noise, I can handle.

Kids who “can’t” – ha, let me at ’em.

Mess – nothing new

A classroom with a broken furnace- it’s okay, I still haven’t turned the heat on at home…

….I’ve dealt with MIA assistants, failed fire drills and my own sarcastic slips of the tongue… but today, today takes the cake, or took my cookies  (if you don’t get it, I won’t explain..)

 “Why do I smell burning cheese?”
“What is dripping from the ceiling, teacher?”

Oh my. The light fixture was leaking black goo. Smelly black goo. 

“I have a headache.”   Yeah, me too, kiddo. Open the windows, (why not, it’s already freezing in the room)

So then, after evacuating to the lunch room, we attempted to continue with class…not my best effort.

The next classes were worse. The kids were spread out among three or so tables…there was A LOT of additional commotion in the cafeteria…my brain felt mushy, and time STOOD STILL. It was a bizarre phenomenon. I really believe there was a blip in the time space continuum. We drew city scenes for what seemed like at least 4 hours….but somehow, the clock only moved a mere 4 minutes….

I love my work – but it is an abusive lover.  At various times it has bludgeoned my reputation, caused me to skip sleep, lured me into dangerous situations…it plays mind games, takes advantage of my cluelessness….locks me in seclusion to spin straw into gold…and now, tries to poison me?   Okay, that is a reach, but seriously, what was wrong with regular office work, or even retail?  I guess my beer goggles are firmly affixed, I am completely enamored  –  regardless.


5 thoughts on “blinded by love -or was it the poison?

  1. Glad to see you have cleared your head! Those poor little toxic exposed brains! You, at least, know enough to know you're fuzz brained, the innocents maybe didn't know wth? So glad to know teachers like you still exist. ♥

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