there’s a hole in the bucket

There are things I want to do before I die, and then there are THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE…this list is a mix of both categories. The prompt for the GBE2 this week is, Bucket List. Fellow bloggers wrote inspiring, funny and poignant posts. My post will simply be an excerpt from my journal- I am an obsessive list maker, so a Bucket List is only natural.  

I’ll start by saying I have been able to check off several biggies over the years. Some were amazing and I am thrilled to be able to own those memories…others were, eh, okay, not what I expected.  For example, I traveled to Hawaii – all expenses paid,  went to a crazy amazing luau, snorkled in Maui, saw a sea turtle up close and personal, made friends with strangers, rode a bike down a friggin volcano…it was all beautiful and exciting ….  And now, that is done….don’t have to, or really want to, go back. The same with parasailing, nice – but I was not as impressed as I hoped.

Now roller derby, roller derby was worth the hype. I gave it a go and adore the sport …. these are the continuing bucket list items, like 4-wheeling through the mud, snowmobiling, water skiing, hula hooping, camping in the winter… you know, there is something to be said for momentum. Once you stop, declare yourself  “too old”  well then, it is hard to go back.

Anyways, regardless of the outcome – what follows are a select few items from my master list – you cannot see them all – that would be far too much personal disclosure, even for me.

Plan and attend my 75th high school reunion – (and have alumni attend!!!)  – I love helping plan these events. It was a very strange twist of events that led to high-school -hating me- getting wrapped up in the whole reunion saga, but “event planning” is a secret love and – go figure, those kids I graduated with turned out to be mighty cool indeed.  

Watch the World Cup – live from wherever 

Zipline– the longer and higher the better

Go white water rafting- extreme version please

Walk through caves– somewhere, anywhere

Heal up and get off stupid medication – naturally…

Complete a ropes course
– with fun people

Public art – THIS YEAR?? ugh, four years in a row I have designed and submitted my proposal to a particular program…had the thing approved, made it to the final round – got ALL EXCITED and …then, the funding falls off. This is my year. The year of the dragon is mine.

Buy an old school building, church, firehouse, factory – turn it into a work/life space.  A private art studio that can stay messy, classrooms to teach my Creativity Explosion!!!  open it up to dance teachers, music….. -note, this is not a big money making scheme- in fact, I would love to offer a slew of classes specifically for those least likely to be able to afford them – foster children, inner city, struggling suburbanites….
  (and have the ability to roller skate in private from room to room if I want)  :) 

Spend a year, or so, in Europe
Go to Paris, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam….this would cover several items on my list – living out of a suitcase, seeing castles and cathedrals, the Eiffel Tower, interesting houses and meeting random people.

Master Photoshop

Learn a foreign language

Be debt free- not only so I can pursue the things on my list, but so I can more freely give …

Make a real difference – help rebuild a devastated area, distribute food, fill a food pantry…

Support my kids dreams – they are big dreamers, go figure, and I want to see them fulfill their ideas

Be a Great Grandma, Great Aunt – and not just due to my innate awesomeness, but strictly by the book. Great-great even – why not?  I had kids young…

Learn to dance. Take dance lessons – and learn how to really dance, ballroom, salsa, swing, whatever.

Publish my books – the children’s books that have been making their rounds in queryland, the non-fiction babies and at least one fiction. I love that I no longer have to leave “be a writer” on the list. I am amazed I am a full-time freelancer….but would really like to be an author.

Make new friends – be a good friend, be a much better friend…… – struggling with this lately (for good reason, I say…but that is just a cop out, I can do better than this)  – i hate being a putz in this department. the sting of losing close friends-whether by the hand of cancer, freak accidents, or my own fear of getting too close to someone, should not throw me into isolation. *excuse the random confession…. and now for something completely different….ha,

Give a motivational type speech – seriously, a speech- in front of people….this terrifies me like no other item on this list, or on your list, or Oprah’s list….but it has to be done.  

Dye my hair blue or pink or deep purple – before letting it turn white

….See the giant redwoods, spend time in Maine, go to South America, Australia, New Zealand….Go to a Broadway play…..go to NYC on New Years Eve….mountain bike down a ridiculous mountain, be able to do a back flip…I could go on and on and on.. but that’s enough dreaming for now- time to make some moola. :)

Oh – and to explain the title of this post “there’s a hole in the bucket,” REMEMBER bucket lists are not for putting on the shelf. The sands of time keep slipping through, do something!  


12 thoughts on “there’s a hole in the bucket

  1. As you attack that list I see lots of excitement in your future! :)I can also see you going all the way with this list and then adding on more and more!

  2. At Bouchercon a couple of years ago I met a mystery writer named Beth Groundwater. If you want to go white water rafting, you must read her last book. And she'd also be a person to get in touch with to find out where to go–at least in Colorado. Good luck.

  3. wow, what an amazing list. I've always liked the idea of a list like this but never gotten around to actually doing one, might have to now lol thanks for sharing.

  4. I found an old school (HUGE) that I wanted to make into a home/workspace/artist's haven. My daughter LOVED the idea (when we move, the plan is to do it in tandem with our oldest and her family), but the hubs and our son-in-law got all sensible ("It's a heating nightmare!") and nixed the idea. There was an old theater, too, but that didn't thrill them, either. Killjoys.

  5. What a cool list! I've completed a few of these things– great aunt three times, white water rafting, ropes course, foreign language. These things are all wonderful!Joyce

  6. Great list! And I appreciate your honestly that once you did do some of your list things you dont need to go again. Or that something wasn't as great as you'd hoped. I am the same way.

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