real is okay

It may not be good, but it is real. The daily blog challenge did not seem like such a big deal when I started back on November 1st, but this month has been doling out chunks of reality left and right. Real challenges, really messy emotions, real work and real issues… which in turn produced some really lame blog posts.

My niece and nephew were not in the Macy’s Day parade this year, so I admit to only half-heartedly watching the singers and dancers, and just glanced at the floats…Hamburger Helper, really?  But I have to give a shout out to the 610 Stompers, a group of “real” guys from New Orleans. Ordinary Guys – Extraordinary Moves, according to their website. 

The chubby, balding, awkwardly real guys, could dance….and it was fun to watch. This is what it is all about… your awkwardly real life  (even if you are not chubby or balding)  with a bit of flair, enjoying each step along the way. 

If you trip, smile and carry on….
If you feel embarrassed by your lack of perfection….look around – perfection is not the norm
And if life pours on you….dance

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness
 has never danced in the rain”

and on the same note….
“Those who danced
 were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”
~Angela Monet

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