,,,be nice

I enjoy a good joke. I “get” dry humor, love sarcasm and plays on words…but a night of nothing but ripping on each other completely wears me out. Like a worn out knock knock joke, you know, the one the five year old just learned and has not stopped telling….for days….

Well, that’s what my evening felt like.

yeah, ha ha – you are so funny.   wow, so clever.   yep that’s right, you got me. Now, can someone move this house off of me.  Wait, no that’s what THEY would say, yikes, the “jokes” are seeping into my soul.


really should have worn my red shoes tonight

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….

Due to the hazardous nature of daily blogging, this post requires a disclaimer

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Love to ya’ll….yeah, even the funny guys, ha ha. still laughing here. (where is the sarcastic font when I need it)

P.S. The second image is an illustrated card from the fabulous MtownsendW Designs


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  1. That stuff brings me down, too. The occasional off-hand remark is fine, but a steady diet of put-downs in the name of humor gets old really quickly. Oh, and two of the grands are at the riddles & knock-knock jokes stage. It's super-cute only because I'm blinded by Grammy-love. ;O)

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