oooo I love the ballet ….

…..especially when my tough football playing son is on stage! 

my Joe, his buddy and ballerina sister
they are all hyped up on mountain dew before curtain
Wonderful performance, so glad he went through with it!
It is all so cliche’ – captain of the football team, joins ballet..
.cliche’ maybe, but it is a good fit. 
During football season, girls are cheering….during holiday production…boys are the “extras” on stage. 
(~basically, for the most part, don’t throw things at me~)
One little confession, I teared up during the performance. Not when my son was up there, I am not that silly… no, I teared up at the end, when the principal dancer received her roses -and- all the cheers from the audience..she started tearing up – so I kept her company. – don’t really know her, but her genuine pride and sense of accomplishment was touching.  It was touching dang it, don’t laugh   : )   
off to dream of sugar plum fairies