whoda thunk

It is inexplicable.

There really is no accounting for the fact that my loud and silly cartooning classes are learning. Anything At All.  They are so loud and silly, I have even scared away all my helpers. (no joke, I started with two helpers in each class – am down to …um, an occasional one- total)

I do take complete blame, as part of “classroom policy” as long as their pencil is moving – their mouth can be moving too. – aside from breaks for instruction of course.

(and, because of my overall leniency, these breaks are never an issue)

…but a roomful of middle schoolers create a steady din…just by “being”.  Add to that a handful of kids who CANNOT stop moving, messing with each others drawings, cracking jokes….

((In my defense…the class is not simply drawing 101, it is CARTOONING….I want personalities to shine through, I want to understand what makes these kids tick…so I can gear their individual projects to suit them.))

with that said, it is beyond comprehension that they are retaining a darn thing….but

But…. they ….are….learning!  We had a review day today, pulling all the different parts of all the past lessons together to build a city and draw robots. I should have taken more pics, but I was too busy ooing and aahhing over the fact these noisy monsters used all the techniques to create incredibly detailed images. Amazing.


 not a robot…yet, but hands were moving!