…love stinks

 …you know those times when you go out and conversation just flows?  
that is fun right?   

sigh, I miss that.  l o n g  night.  Okay, in other news…I fell in love…  with a house.

It is tiny – Perfectly perfect. a sweet little dollhouse of a house. It is the sort of house I draw when I doodle.  Not only is it cutie patootie…it has LAND….and *drum roll please* at the back edge of the property is my beloved Metroparks….the front edge has a sidewalk…that goes right to town. direct shot to all the shops, library, post office. car, ahem- unnecessary.  The inside is DONE, the paint job crisp, and the closet space…well, there are closets. OH and it has a nifty HIDING SPOT- a sort of entrance to Narnia (er, actually it is simply a door at the back of an upstairs closet that opens to a big ol’ attic…but I will call it a HIDING SPOT, how cool)

 even with all that glorious perfection and convenience.. there are no neighbors to speak of,

you know, aside from all the little woodland creatures….

okay, well the banjo buddy may not be playing in my area any time soon, I would imagine he is quite the popular fella….the “Bambi” portrait is a bit gratuitous….and, aww look at those birdie feet!  Oh my, how adorable. I don’t know if his family lives nearby or not, but awwwwww……

 there are issues though. risks.
ugh….. a family of these crazy stick figures
would actually be my nearest neighbor.

 is this safe?  common sense says – of course not.  BUT….come on man

Love Stinks 


~verdict still out~