smile, because I gotta!

I had a great Monday – full of productive work that was published without a glitch. The words flowed, the subject matters were interesting to work with…. in fact, not a bit of it felt like work.
These are not sarcastic statements- thankfully it is all true and I can go on…..
and will…
Not only did work go well, (after a slightly groggy start)  I felt good all day happy even. My dog was snuggly and kept me company while I typed, she was content. My oldest came home from work and cleaned his closet – not a joke. I did not even ask, did not imply that it ought to be cleaned…he just cleared out clothes that he no longer wanted and loaded them up to give away. My younger son had his first basketball practice and walked out of the building moments after I pulled in – perfect timing. (I wasn’t quite sure when it was supposed to be over, typical – but today, okay.)  One of my girls worked at the inner city daycare, the other  kept herself busy practicing her dance routines. Plus…it rained, no, it stormed tonight – I love storms.
Again, I am not being sarcastic, I had a great Monday. 
even though…
-the NBA essentially shot itself in the foot today, season will be cancelled and yet – i’m happy
-unsure of next step (in the “big-secret-possibly-very-exciting-plan”) yet – i’m fine
-school fees are piling up -as in “Yeah! he made the basketball team”….”Yikes! you have GOT to be kidding me it costs that much….I just paid for football, and have soccer and dance and…..” oh my, yet – it’s all good.

like Rob Brezny said,

 Thousands of things go right for you every single day.
I am not the only one with all this sweet mojo flowing through my veins,  facebook was full of one-liners like,  “Impossible – I’m possible” and a bunch of other motivational quotes and videos 
(which I’ll admit to only skimming though)
Not really a Happy Dance type of day,
but if this snoopy pic inspires…feel free to do a little jig
for me it is more like a  
 smile-because-you-gotta kind of day.   

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and your amusement

the muse is in is full of happy thoughts today too :)

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  1. I am so happy all is rocking and rolling in your world!! Sounds like a day straight from the God of heavenly bliss.Kathy

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