For the most part, I love surprises. This is part of the reason I am compelled to visit thrift shops. Big, shiny malls hold no appeal, tourist traps, eh fun to look in, but not tempted….but that little, easily overlooked resale shop is tempting- especially when out of town. 

I do not need a sweatshirt or shot glass plastered with the names of the places I visit, because I will never forget where I found that unique turquoise and brown dress, the nifty ring, or the perfectly worn in denim jacket. Those are true souvenirs. And then there are little surprises like finding a dusty treasure of a book, a box of art supplies, stumbling across a complete Tom Waits collection- (well, not completely complete….but good enough)  or a pair of never worn red converse in my size- those are surprises that make me smile.

 I heart red shoes
~ especially when they are under $5 ~


…with that said, I am not a garage sale enthusiast. Nothing against those who map out their weekends according to which neighbor is cleaning their attic…. I just prefer the anonymity of wandering among items with origins unknown….among people unknown. 

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 week #26 

12 thoughts on “surprise!

  1. My husband is a huge garage sale junkie, and our own garage shows it. I kind of like local craft shops. Crafts differ in different parts of the country. I especially like artwork. Unfortunately, I'm running out of walls. Guess I'll either have to start rotating it–either that or buy a bigger house.

  2. I love going to resale shops too!! There is nothing better than finding something extraordinary at a great price! Great blog, and great take on the subject of surprise.Kathy

  3. Who doesn't love a bargain! If it's in a little out of the way thrift shop in a vacation destination…oh, that's like a slice of heaven!Love this.

  4. I'm with you and like those unexpected discoveries that feel like they were there just waiting for you. It doesn't happen, but when it does, it's a sweet surprise for sure.

  5. I don't like garage sales (though I plan on having one in the spring and am hoping it attracts LOTS of shoppers), but I do like the occasional resale shop. You never know what'll turn up!

  6. Angela, true, as an artist/art teacher…I have a lot of art – it keeps getting stored away…until when???? there is no plan in place. :) Paula, Kathy, Joyce, Jo, Cathy, Beth, Dan – bargain bloggy buddies unite! and Converse in any color is pure joy. geranium pink, hmmm sweet. :)

  7. Absolutely love thrift shops. I suspect there may be no pieces in my wardrobe that arrived there new… and I'm proud of that fact. Recycle and you really do never know what you might find! Great piece :o)

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